Possible Orkney © Alexander Hobday, Graham Hogg

Possible Orkney

Alexander Hobday, Graham Hogg

University of Strathclyde

Project Description

Leave behind your ideas about Orkney. Imagine a new hub of activity for northern Europe 700 years after it was a religious centre. Imagine due to shipping and renewable industries Orkney effectively becomes Scotland’s new northern city. With its positioning in the North Sea it can integrate with the changing patterns of international shipping and be the European hub which services all the northern European ports.

This new development will require a new work force and a migration of people will move north from the central belt to Orkney. A new container terminal will complete a loop around Scapa Flow and a light rail will follow this route. New industries will develop along the light rail route. Tourist sites will remain unhindered and will instead be enhanced with ease of access using the light rail. All these industries will integrate within this new northern city - Scapa Network City.