Peripheral Vision © Caroline McIntosh

Peripheral Vision

Caroline McIntosh

Scott Sutherland School of Architecture and Built Environment

Project Description

Peripheral Vision is “vision that occurs outside of the central gaze”. This project looks at how to create a “cultural centre” on the periphery of the city. The project’s location is the Seaton area of Aberdeen, a seemingly forgotten strip of the city between Old Aberdeen and the beach.

The project looks at the city as an accumulation of individual acts. Creating a masterplan of individual, stand alone, buildings that accumulate to enhance the culture and built environment within Seaton.

One of these individual acts is for a library. The library is based around a book’s ability to transport the reader into another world. The building is composed of timber boxes that contain different environments, or “worlds”, for reading in. It is a building to be explored, with the blank timber boxes creating a labyrinth of open and enclosed spaces that is all held within a louvered box.