Le Labo: The Perfumer’s District, Marseille © Katie Burrell

Le Labo: The Perfumer’s District, Marseille

Katie Burrell

Mackintosh School of Architecture

Project Description

The thesis was driven by an investigation into architecture and the senses. By taking a stand on our ocular centric society, the thesis questions why the sense of sight has become so predominant in architectural culture when there are four others. A hybrid programme of a boutique soap and essential oil production was developed alongside an experiential purpose for the public, to seduce and manipulate the senses. The Basin de Carenage is a left over fragment of old industrial Marseille, Currently infrastructure carves the landscape. Two routes are formed, connecting upper and lower levels of the basin; one meandering through the landscape, the other driven by experience through the building. The building itself becomes carved from the landscape; drawing away from the outside world and becoming an introverted space to tune the senses.