Demarco Archive Gallery, Edinburgh © Deborah Martin

Demarco Archive Gallery, Edinburgh

Deborah Martin

University of Dundee

Project Description

The Demarco Archive Gallery, Edinburgh, is dedicated to the promotion of national and international contemporary art, as well as housing Richard Demarco’s extensive photographic, film and art collection. I was required to design two buildings – one which would facilitate Demarco’s residence and the other his new Archive Gallery (illustrated here). It aims to promote learning through archive material, exhibitions and cinema. My ambition was to create an introvert building where all accommodation is arranged in a clear diagram around the main event (the Archive Gallery), allowing each space to have a physical or visual connection with the art. A grand central staircase becomes a stepped exhibition and also acts as a type of auditorium allowing visitors to sit and view theatrical performances below. The robust, monolithic brick design which reveals itself through series of threshold spaces was inspired by its context and also Demarco’s appreciation for the Mnajdra Temple, Malta.