Das Teehaus, Hamburg © Nathan Cunningham

Das Teehaus, Hamburg

Nathan Cunningham

Mackintosh School of Architecture

Project Description

70% of the worlds tea passes through Hamburg. Cut tea is stored, blended and globally redistributed.

Hamburg It is a city of product, focused on trade, exchange and the profitabiliy of innovation.

The idea: A collective of tea traders within Hamburg, develop a programme through one of Hamburgs biggest industries and establish a tea blending house in order to address a lack of cultural significance within the city centre and a now redundant part of Hamburgs old warehouse district - ‘speicherstadt: creating an intervention where profit and progress are still achievable, yet through a different perspective: one of sentiment , that simply aims to provide ‘space for conversation’, using tea as the driver, and a catalyst to do so.

The language of the tea house is exlpored through an introductory project - the merchants house that revisits an old typology of Hamburg - the kontorhaus: providing a programme with a focus on ‘production’ set within the product heavy city of Hamburg.