Culzean Hydropath / Saltcoats Salt Centre © Emmeline Quigley

Culzean Hydropath / Saltcoats Salt Centre

Emmeline Quigley

Mackintosh School of Architecture

Project Description

Throughout this year I have been studying the relationship between architecture and both emotional and physical well-being. My proposal for a small hydropath in the grounds of Culzean focuses on providing a place of retreat and release for those suffering from chronic pain. The form and organization of the hydropath has been developed alongside research and investigation into the chronic pain condition and how architecture can become a form of therapy in itself.

Continuing the exploration intowell-being, my second project explores the town of Saltcoats. The proposal focuses on re-establishing the town’s connection to it’s industrial heritage to reinvigorate the town’s identity and legibility. The research revealed a disengagement of the town’s inhabitants with their own cultural identity. The proposed Salt - Park aims to reconnect the town centre to the sea front and provide public space that will encourage community and interaction, which is currently lacking in Saltcoats.

Winner: A&DS Award for Best 3rd Year Student

This scheme communicates engagement with place and restraint in its architectural approach. While the urban proposal is diagrammatic, it describes carefully considered and appropriate ‘big moves’ and an understanding of the need to reconnect the community to its seafront.
Judges’ Comments