Cork Bark and Granite Bite © Neil Cunning

Cork Bark and Granite Bite

Neil Cunning

Edinburgh School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture

Project Description

The [Loving] Metropolitan Landscape of Olbia, Sardinia, is in crisis; the city's current development being driven solely by the fast-economy of tourism. Nothing epitomises the absurdity of this situation more than the incredibly over-proportioned harbour, Isola Bianca.

This thesis proposes a counter-project to this paradigm, aiming to refresh the relationship between city and landscape by exploiting the overlapping patterns, territorial vaguery, tempos, and proportionality of the granite and cork landscapes. Ultimately the project proposes a series of interventions on Isola Bianca charged with Agency Cork.

Through a scaling operation, Isola Bianca [revealed as a series of accretions around a granite archipelago] is civically re-proportioned and its redundant zones ‘harvested’, resulting in the creation of a Cork Growers Association, Port Authority / Workshops, and Cork Bank / piazza. Together these introduce the territorial vaguery and slowness (harvested every ten years) of the cork forest into the market-driven territory of the fast-economy.