Catholic Church © Fay Ferguson

Catholic Church

Fay Ferguson

Scott Sutherland School of Architecture and Built Environment

Project Description

The project – a Catholic Church - sits within a linear park on the north east edge of the river Clyde was developed to house the large catholic community in the East end of Glasgow. Designed for 300 people it has a bell tower and office accommodation.

Built in masonry construction, a brick becomes a ‘part’, which is repeated to form the ‘whole’. It creates massiveness; from which spaces are sculpted leaving behind a negative that inhabits the lifecycle of the catholic faith.

The monolithic structure creates dark spaces that are lit by shards of light entering through the clerestory. It is the ambition that the architectural alchemy of construction and the scarcity of light form a phenomenological condition that is experienced within the sacred space.
The booklet begins with an overview of the ‘whole’ and concludes focusing on the ‘parts’ in the form of an investigation of brick detailing.