Adapt(ation) © Thomas Armistead


Thomas Armistead

Scott Sutherland School of Architecture and Built Environment

Project Description

This thesis makes the argument that contemporary architecture must embrace adaptability as a paradigm to enable sustainability in the truest sense; viewing architectures role within the city as no longer simply to provide a programme of defined uses, but to respond to the everyday and the contingencies it creates. This acceptance of contingency, and to the limited role that a building can occupy within the city are where differences can be seen from the modernist paradigm. It is by placing the theoretical paradigm of adaptability in a direct relationship with contingencies of the modern city that allow a detailed investigation of the position presented. The project sets itself as an antithesis to the seemingly ritualised notion of ‘form follows function’ by establishing that in-order to suitably serve the city a building must be able to suit any function, leading to a notion of design without function.