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Joining RIAS

Becoming a Student member of the RIAS is the first step towards your professional career. RIAS Student membership is free to all architectural students studying at one of the five schools of architecture in Scotland and offers a number of benefits.


Discount at the RIAS Bookshop

RIAS Student members receive a 10% discount at the RIAS Bookshop. If you are in the area please come in and browse through the bookshop.

RIAS Convention

Student members get substantial discounts on the RIAS Convention - our annual conference which brings together architecture and built environment professionals.


RIAS Student members are eligible to enter the RIAS Student Awards (RIAS Rowand Anderson Silver Medal for best Scottish student - prize £500, Architecture and Design Scotland Award for Best 3rd Year Student - prize £250, Architecture and Design Scotland Urban Design Award - prize £250, Architecture and Design Scotland Sustainable Design Award - prize £250 and The RIAS Andy MacMillan Drawing Award - prize £500.


RIAS Student members are eligible to enter RIAS student competitions.


Student members receive the RIAS Quarterly, a digital magazine profiling the best of Scottish architecture which includes a rich mix of professional and technical news, interviews and features with contributions from RIAS members and international architects. It includes sections devoted to practice information, students and Chapter news. Student members also receive fortnightly e-bulletins highlighting information, events and publications.

Study Support

During the Part III examination period RIAS Student members get free access to Practice Services online documentation such as contracts and briefing notes. This is normally a paid-for service but is offered free of charge for the examination period. If you would like more information on this, please contact Maryse Richardson.

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Student Representation

If you are interested in contributing to RIAS committees, contact Maryse Richardson.

Students can remain on the RIAS register until they have passed their Part III or for a maximum of ten years. If after the ten year period, they have not qualified, they will be removed or can opt to join the Affiliate membership category.