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The Architects' Professional Examination Authority In Scotland Ltd

The Architects’ Professional Examination Authority in Scotland (APEAS) is prescribed by the ARB and validated by the RIBA to deliver the Examination in Professional Practice and Management i.e., the Part 3 Examination in Scotland.

Whilst solely concerned with the delivery of the Part 3 Examination, APEAS works closely with a Professional Studies Adviser from each of the five Scottish Schools of Architecture, all of which offer a programme to support candidates in their preparation for the Part 3 Examination. Information about those programmes c an be found on the appropriate School website. Information about APEAS and its approach to the Part 3 Examination can be found on the APEAS website.

The Company is managed by a Board of Directors who set policy and objectives and is administered by the Chief Executive Officer who is supported by an Office Manager and an Examination Committee.

For further information on APEAS contact:

Ewan Hainey, Chief Executive Officer or Rachel Whitton, Office Manager

Room 17
Grangemouth Enterprise Centre
Falkirk Road
Grangemouth FK3 8XS
Tel: 07483 153893

RIAS help for Part 3 Students

We are happy to grant access to the Practice Services area of the RIAS website to all Part 3 students in the weeks leading up to their examination(s). Over the last ten years, this benefit has been very popular. APEAS will circulate dedicated login details to Part 3 candidates six to eight weeks before the date of their examinations. The login details will allow candidates to browse practice notes and access the RIAS Standard Forms of Appointment.