About the practice

Icosis Architects is an award-winning practice established by Euan Millar and Sarah Sutherland in 2003. Based in Edinburgh, we have specialist expertise in both conservation and ecological architecture and focus on innovative design solutions using natural, locally-sourced materials within their projects. With new buildings, the design of each project is location specific dealing with the orientation, topography and individual characteristics of each site. We believe that this approach, in combination with a thoughtful context-driven choice of materials, allows new buildings to be distinct and yet sit sensitively within their particular environment.

We promote the highest sustainability agenda with regard to the choice of materials, the performance of the buildings, the most appropriate energy solutions, the impact of the development on the site and to its surroundings, and the long term viability of the proposals. The practice focus on designing highly efficient and passive building envelopes, including the type and orientation of the glazing, the type and efficiency of the insulation, the quality of the materials and the air tightness of the construction.