About the project

Using Douglas Fir to construct the property, a studded timber frame is bolted to the concrete slab and could be dismantled at a later date. The walls of The ANTA House are insulated with rigid Rockwool to provide maximum thermal efficiency and the ceiling has sheepÍs wool insulation. The roof is finished in reclaimed Caithness Slate. There is extensive glazing to the south end of the house allowing for maximum light and a feeling of space. Internally the walls and floors are lined with large panels of oak with oak doors and bespoke door handles. The kitchen is fitted with Caithness Stone worktops and is heated by an electric AGA. Other unusual components to the house are the Caithness Slate walk in shower an expensive addition but in a small house a few jewel like things make it feel luxurious. A basic version of the hut measures 8x10 m and can be constructed for just under £100,000. The house can be extended to fit up to 4 additional bedrooms.