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Pre-Construction Services Agreement (General Contractor) (PCSA/Scot)


  • for the supply of pre-construction services by a Contractor selected under a two-stage tendering procedure; and
  • where the main contract is to be the SBCC Standard Building Contract, Design and Build Contract, Minor Works or Major Project Construction Contract.

Can be used:

  • whether or not the Contractor is to be responsible for any design work;
  • where there is to be novation to the Contractor of any specialist sub-contract(s) or supply contract(s) or (in the case of a Design and Build Contract or Major Project Construction Contract) any consultancy agreement(s);
  • by both private and local authority employers; and
  • (with minor adaptation) in a SBCC Construction Management procurement, for the provision of pre-construction services by prospective Trade Contractors.

Not suitable for use:

  • between the Employer and specialist sub-contractors (except as prospective Trade Contractors in a SBCC Construction Management procurement - but see also paragraph 7 of the Guidance Notes);
  • between a Contractor and a sub-contractor; or
  • in conjunction with the SBCC Management Building Contract.