The JCT Contracts 2011 edition reflects new payment legislation and makes other changes which include:

  • A revised Insolvency definition in the Termination section
  • The revised Terrorism Cover provisions that were included in JCT's December 2009 Update
  • The provision for appointment of the principal contractor under CDM Regulations has been extended to cover that function under the Site Waste Management Plans Regulations 2008
  • Statutory reference to the Bribery Act 2010
  • Entries in respect of PI insurance relating to asbestos and fungal mould have been removed
  • Revised retention provisions in the sub-contracts

Design and Build Subcontract Conditions (DBSub/C) 2011


  • For use with the Design and Build Contract
  • For sub-contract works whether or not they include design by the Sub-Contractor

Can be used:

  • Where the sub-contract works and/or main contract works are to be carried out in sections
  • For sub-contract works that are to be carried out on the basis of an adjusted sub-contract sum (adjustment for variations etc.) or by complete re-measurement of the sub-contract works