The Modern Hotel in Britain is the first ever survey of the architecture and interior design of British hotels of the mid-twentieth century. Beginning in the wake of the 1925 Exposition des Arts Decoratifs in Paris, the narrative follows the development of modernist and modern decorative design approaches in hotels until the mid-1970s. Throughout, changes in the types of clientele, fashions in catering, hospitality and entertainment and in modes of travel and tourism provide context. Famous hotels of the 1920s and 30s, such as The Grosvenor House, The Dorchester and Park Lane Hotel in London, Burgh Island and the Midland in Morecambe are described, as are roadhouses, airport hotels and motels. Post-war, the development of chains, such as Trust Houses and Forte, are documented, as are the many new hotels constructed during the 1960s. The book has a text of 100,000 words, is fully referenced and profusely illustrated with colour and black and white photographs and architectural drawings.