Aimed at students of architecture, this primer defines the critical subject area of professional studies which runs as a thread through the new RIBA validation criteria for Parts 1 and 2. Written by Stephen Brookhouse, author of the highly successful Part 3 Handbook, the book places professional issues in the context of the language and activities of the design studio.

Suitable across the whole 5-year Masters Architecture degree course, it gives students the conceptual resources and tools they need to investigate professional issues. Using short case studies that relate to the RIBA Plan of Work, it bridges the gap between the needs of the student and the overly technical information sources used by practicing professionals.

Drawing on a range of sources, including legal, regulatory, managerial and educational, especially work-based learning, Professional Practice in Architecture: A Primer gives a taste of the subject area, encouraging further exploration and enshrining the principles that will form an invaluable foundation to future professional practice.