The Handbook of Practice Management is the professional architect’s business management bible. This new edition is fully up-to-date, reflecting the new RIBA Plan of Work 2013 – the industry standard framework for running projects – as well as the latest contemporary architectural practice management techniques.

Divided into three parts – focussing in turn on the industry, the practice, and the project – the handbook provides a fresh perspective on familiar topics, combined with insight into many new directions in practice management that can give any practice a cutting-edge, commercial advantage.

With useful pointers throughout to the many services provided by the RIBA and other industry organisations, the guidance covers education, setting up a practice, professionalism, law, financial management, people management, risk management, QA, IT, marketing strategy and winning clients, alongside innovative topics such as knowledge management and BIM. There are also thought-provoking sections on contemporary issues and future trends such as sustainability and the global context.

A must-read for all architects – whether sole practitioners or those working in small, medium or large firms – and with a clear, accessible layout and no-nonsense style aimed at busy professionals, this is the ideal companion to running a modern architectural practice.