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This edition of Sarah Luptons very successful Guide to IFC98, is a practical guide to the operation and administration of the JCT Intermediate Building Contract 2005.

As well as covering the recent amendment to take account of the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2007, it points out the important new changes to the contract compared to the old 1998 version and reflects on up-to-date legal cases which serve as valuable lessons for the unwary.

The contract's provisions, procedures and supplementary conditions are organised and defined by subject and are supported by useful indexes, while clause comparison tables allow a quick and easy way to understand how it relates to the old contract.

Altogether, the guide provides the hard-pressed practitioner with a comprehensive, concise reference guide to contractual issues during the course of a job under the contract. It assumes only a general knowledge of JCT contracts and in that respect is ideal for architecture and other construction students on the threshold of undertaking their professional examinations.