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'Guide to DB05', the new edition of Sarah Lupton's very successful Guide to 'WCD98', is a practical guide to the operation and administration of the 'JCT Design and Build Contract' (DB05). It points out the important new changes to the contract by reflecting on up-to-date cases which serve as valuable lessons to the unwary. The contract's provisions, procedures, and supplementary conditions are organised and defined by subject and supported by useful indexes, while a clause comparison table allows for a quick and easy way to understand how DB05 relates to the old contract, WCD98.

Altogether, the guide provides the hard-pressed practitioner with a comprehensive, concise reference guide to contractual issues during the course of a job under the contract. Because it assumes only a general knowledge of JCT contracts, it is also ideal for architecture and other construction students on the threshold of taking their professional examinations. Covers the JCT05 2009 Revisions.