The majority of construction firms fail in their first four years. This book aims to equip the new businessperson with the knowledge that will enable them to avoid joining the casualties. It describes in detail what the business side of the construction equation requires of the construction firm owner. The contractor who quickly learns these requirements can identify and avoid or manage the pitfalls that cause high failure rates inthe industry. The detailed duties of the construction firm owner, whether in the US, UK, Australia or Canada, are a common theme throughout the book.

The author, Nick Ganaway, speaks from his own (American) experience.The book is based on the things he learnt, used and refined as a light-commercial general contractor in the course of starting and operatinghis own construction firm. The contractor achieving 5 million or 50 million or more in annual sales, or the entrepreneur who is just starting up, can use the tried and proven material in this book to build a business that is profitable, enjoyable, and enduring.