This year's Architecture in the Netherlands has a new editorial team, and their desks have been christened with hundreds of entries. Daan Bakker, Allard Jolles, Michelle Provoost and Cor Wagenaar chose more than 90 projects for site visits. Seven days and 2,500 kilometers later, about 30 remained. That selection, featuring projects by de Architekten Cie., Citythoughts Architecten, Jo Coenen, diederendirrix, GroupA, HVDN Architecten, 3x Nielsen, KCAP, ONL Architecten, Mecanoo, Satijnplus Architecten, Zeinstra Van der Pol and many others, raises satisfying questions. Are the sliding doors of politics and the market opening up new possibilities? What have new self-built developments actually yielded? Can the housing consumer truly exercise influence on the form and layout of a house? Who or what sets the architectural climate?