Aimed at young, enquiring minds An Igloo on the Moon explores how and why we build. Beginning with the igloo, whose origins are lost in time, and culminating in the latest 3D-printing technology for building dwellings on the Moon, the book weaves together themes and ideas to create an unfolding visual narrative. Illustrated with a sequence of extraordinary images, specially created for the book by artist Adrian Buckley, An Igloo on the Moon is structured under seven thematic headings, each of which ranges through history and across architectural styles: Simple Forms of Shelter; Keeping Cool and Staying Warm; Exploring New Types of Structure; Living Beneath the Ground; Habitable Bridges and Heroic Spans; Reaching up to the Sky; and Visions of the Future. Underlying the narrative is an acute awareness of environmental issues and the need to reconnect with sustainable patterns of building. It is a book to engage and excite the next generation of architects – and their parents and grandparents.