Special General Meeting of the Royal Incorporation

(SGM 2021)

At the instruction of the RIAS Council (15th September 2021) a Special General Meeting of the Royal Incorporation is called on the 3rd November 2021 to consider the introduction of revisions to the 2018 Interim Bye-laws to form new RIAS 2021 Interim Bye-laws.

The proposed 2021 Interim Bye-laws are intended to further improve governance procedures and ensure that the RIAS remains compliant with the 2003 Charter, until such time as newly refreshed governance arrangements, including changes to the Charter itself, can be brought forward for Membership approval.

The Incorporation’s Bye-laws have been amended, a number of times, with 2018 the most recent update. These proposed 2021 Interim Bye-laws include within them various provisions which relate to the RIBA and their governance arrangements. Since the introduction of the 2018 Interim Bye-laws the RIBA have amended their governance arrangements. The proposed amendments to the 2018 Interim Bye-laws take account of those changes, together with various good house-keeping amendments which are suggested by Council following further review of working procedures, since 2018. RIAS Council believe that these changes are a vital further step towards rebuilding governance structures within the RIAS.

This Special General Meeting is being convened in line with the Bye-laws, allowing for virtual meetings, chartered members to vote, and only those resolutions presented to the meeting in advance to be discussed and decided upon.

RIAS Council request that all Chartered Members who are able to attend and are entitled to vote* do so in order to underpin the democratic mandate for the proposed changes. To pass at least 75% of the votes must be in favour.

In accordance with clause 32.5 and 32.6 of the 2018 Interim Bye-laws, the Chartered Membership are asked to vote on the following resolution:

With reference to the proposed changes to the 2018 Interim Byelaws, approved by Council for the reasons set out in this notice, and presented to members in advance of the meeting,

Members adopt the 2021 Interim Bye-laws of the RIAS.

Proposed 2021 Revisions to RIAS 2018 Interim Bye-Laws Explanatory Note

Registration to attend the SGM is via Eventbrite HERE. Members have been issued information via post or email on how to join. If you have any queries, please email membership@rias.org.uk

The RIAS has appointed Mi-Voice to administer proceedings at the SGM. Details of how to join the meeting and voting arrangements will be sent to all those who have registered to attend before the meeting.

*Chartered Members, both current and retired, shall be entitled to vote. Honorary Fellows, Students, Associates and Affiliates are welcome to attend and take part in any discussions but shall not be entitled to vote.

Yours sincerely,

Christina Gaiger PRIAS
The Royal Incorporation of Architects in Scotland